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Vitreo Retinal Treatment: Preserving and Restoring Vision

Vitreo retinal treatment focuses on addressing conditions that affect the retina and vitreous, the light-sensitive layer in the back of the eye and the clear gel-like substance filling the space between the lens and the retina, respectively.

Common Problems of Retina:

Retinal tears or detachment

Diabetic retinopathy

Age-related macular degeneration

Epiretinal membrane

Macular hole

Retinitis pigmentosa

Symptoms of Retinal Problems:

  1. Blurry or distorted vision
  2. Floaters or flashes of light
  3. Sudden vision loss or worsening vision
  4. Dark spots or shadows in the field of vision
  5. Difficulty seeing at night

Why Choose Jeevan Sparsh Eye Clinic?

By choosing Jeevan Sparsh Eye Clinic for your vitreo retinal treatment, you can trust in personalized care, outstanding expertise, and remarkable results. The clinic has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials from patients, showcasing their gratitude for the treatment and care provided at Jeevan Sparsh Eye Clinic.

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Yash Kondhare
Yash Kondhare
It was very good experience to operate hear
Balasaheb Kamble
Balasaheb Kamble
One of the best eye hospital Dr is very knowledgeable and helpful
The Big Bang Burger Pune
The Big Bang Burger Pune
I recently had my cataract surgery done for both my eyes, and the cataract that I had was a rare one. ( Eg in 3000 normal cases, 1 is the ratio for it ). Initially met Mrs Lalwani who handles the administration department of the hospital. Must admit , that she takes a lot of care in making the patient's understand the complete process and explains in details of the different lenses and it's importance in proportion to it's costing. Also the patient is given a chance to suit his/her budget. The hospital is equipped with the latest gadgets and equipments. Not to forget the staff,they are so well trained and very professionally in their assigned jobs. They treat you so gently and make you feel special. It's like a Five start treatment. Each and every patient coming there is taken care of, in a royal way. And afcus, the crown goes to Dr Shital Lalwani for his expertise and his professional skills. Hats off to him. Very understanding, very humble and exclusively Super special in his Profession. My experience was definitely more than my expectations and it's value for money. It's a highly recommended Eye hospital and deserves more than a 5 Star Rating. Rizwan AR Contractor Camp, Pune.
Sakshi Pachange
Sakshi Pachange
I really best feel ,and good process 😃👍 thank you so very much team 😊
kumarpragati chs8030
kumarpragati chs8030
Dr Sheetal Lalvani and Mrs Ashvini L alwani (made for each other) not only professionally handle eye-patient but make him at home - a unique quality rarely found in hospitals. I will certainly recommend Jeevan Sparsh for gaining back vision. Malvade
Jeevan sparsh is the best eye hospital for treatments and a great and comfortable care taking service for the patient thank u jeevan sparsh

Causes of Cataract (Motibindu):

  1. Aging and natural changes in the eye
  2. Genetic factors or family history
  3. Eye injuries or trauma
  4. Diabetes
  5. Exposure to radiation or ultraviolet light